Affordable, Effective, Empowering Ways To Help Your Community Back Home

We created SympliFi because we saw that for far too long, the process of supporting loved ones back home by sending money was broken. It’s a costly financial burden, there is no transparency on how the money is being used, and it does not benefit the sender or the receiver long term.

But most of all it doesn’t make sense as the only solution in today’s modern society. So we took the idea of sending money abroad and reimagined it with an entirely new way of thinking. What if we could stop sending money and instead send possibilities? The possibility to do more. That’s what SympliFi does.

We empower people abroad to provide their loved ones back home easy access to financial services, from the comfort of their phone. By providing access, their loved ones can do more; they can launch and grow a business, build valuable credit history, and change their own lives and the lives of those around them….without sending money.

It’s that simple.

Our Team

Maurice Iwunze
CEO / co-fondateur
Gregoire Lecomte
COO / co-fondateur