The future of money and credit

SympliFi is transforming the way credit works in emerging markets to fuel economic growth

Credit on demand for productive uses, globally

We enable money to move autonomously and globally to deliver credit on demand for productive uses, at a fraction of the cost.

Our mission is to create economic opportunity and accelerate financial inclusion by radically increasing access and radically decreasing the cost of credit for the millions of underbanked micro & small businesses in emerging markets.

How we get it done

We plug into platforms that are digitizing value chains where MSEs do business, so we can meet users where they are.

We enable qualified users on those platforms to access credit when they need it in 1 click, at cheaper interest rates. As a result we are able to fuel the growth of our platform partners and their users.

Backed by world class partners

We fuel the growth of businesses and the digital platforms they operate on

Use cases
Earned wage advances
We plug into gig worker platforms and HR/payroll platforms to provide capital for earned wage advances.
Partner spotlight: Maramoja taxi app in Kenya
Ride hailing drivers are accessing their wages on demand in 1-click at a fraction of the cost of traditional credit, enabling them to keep their cars fueled, complete more trips and improve their income.
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Inventory financing
We partner with FMCG e-commerce platforms to provide liquidity for their merchants.
Partner spotlight: Kwanza Tukule in Kenya
Street food vendors are accessing daily inventory financing for 25 cents, helping them better manage their cash flows and buy more goods.
Secured working capital
We provide a digital collateral solution for banks and MNOs to offer secured digital credit to borrowers with no credit or data history.
Partner spotlight: Kredi Bank in Nigeria
Borrowers on the Kredi banking app in Nigeria can use friends and family abroad as digital guarantors to access credit on demand. They build valuable credit history and guarantors earn cash rewards on the SympliFi app for helping.

Where we operate

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