New Customer Insights Show SympliFi’s Inventory Financing has Positive Impact on MSEs
May 12, 2023

Read the latest pilot insights blog from Mercy Corps Ventures about the impact of our Buy-Now-Pay-Later product in Kenya with our e-commerce partner Kwanza Tukule. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Increased access: 77% of food vendors accessed credit or inventory financing for the first time
  • Cheaper: 83% of vendors said they preferred this BNPL product for its affordability
  • Business growth: 78% of vendors saw business expansion thanks to increased purchasing power
  • Reduced stress: 63% of vendors experienced less stress as a result of the ability to stock up even when cash is short while still having time to repay
  • Preferred product: 80% of vendors used the BNPL product exclusively as their preferred form of financing

Read the full article and access the deck with full insights report here