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Help business owners grow

Inventory financing (Buy Now, Pay Later) helps small shop owners buy stock on credit directly from distributors online. It's fully digital, the stock is delivered to them, and you know they're only buying what they need for their business.

When you help people back home access inventory financing, you’re helping them grow their business and earn more income.

We partner with B2B e-commerce platforms across Africa to provide inventory financing for shop owners.
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You set the limit on your SympliFi App, your beneficiary back home gets instant access to inventory financing from our B2B e-commerce partners

A smartphone on the Symplifi app showing how to set credit limit screen when financing inventory

Win - Win with SympliFi

What you get

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No money transfers, no fees
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Earn up to 5% cash rewards
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Empower your community

What your beneficiary gets

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Easy access to stock
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Grow their business
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Financial empowerment
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Access to a full suite of digital banking services
The borrower is responsible for repaying their BNPL. Your credit score is never impacted.

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